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„Business PLAY – simulation of running a business” is a professional training tool whichreflects the real rules of a business activity.

It is an educational, business board game which connects gaining knowledge with competition. It helps to train strategic thinking, management competences and teachesthe rules of doing business, among others, in the field of finance management, negotiations, team management and many other issues.

„Business PLAY” is also an integration. During the game participants interact closely not only with members of their team, but also with their competitors – other attendees of the training who create other companies.

The game is also a great tool to conduct online trainings. Due to applied solutions, educational effects of the online training conducted with the use of „Business PLAY” arecomparable with those achieving in a training room.

The most frequently implemented contents with the use of „Business PLAY”

  • Management competences
  • Personal efficiency
  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Business awareness
  • Sales skills
  • Negotiations
  • Labor law
  • Entrepreneurship

Example of trainings

Examples of our trainings conducted with the use of „Business PLAY”, which take place in training rooms or online.

„Personal efficiency in business”

The training prepares for self-management of personal effectiveness in business, based on goals setting, interpersonal communication, motivation, influence techniques, negotiations techniques, effective feedback and also effective rules of cooperation with business contractors. During the training, in addition to using „Business PLAY”, participants also use virtual reality tools.

„Effective management and managerial efficiency”

The training is conducted with the use of active teaching methods, training games, individual and team work. Using „Business PLAY” and virtual reality tools allows to practice the knowledge and skills gained during the training like, among others, effective communication, negotiations, coping with stress, change management, using influence techniques, setting goals and priorities, making decisions.

„The sales process with the use of the Sandler Selling method”

The training is based on developing sales competences in practice. With the use of “Business PLAY”, participants play the roles of sellers and, during running their businesses, they manage the sales process with the use of the knowledge gained during the theoretical training, which takes place before the simulation. The participants consolidate specific behaviors and practice the most effective sales solutions.

„3M – My Work, My Action, My Co-responsibility”

The goal of the training is to spur employees on and encourage them to feel the co-responsibility for the good of the company by getting into the characters of persons in charge of the company. On the other hand, it helps managers to create their awareness in the field of the employee’s position.

„The Power of Entrepreneurship”

The training is an excellent idea to show participants like, for example, students or young entrepreneurs, the mechanisms of the company’s functioning and also to teach them how to make effective business decisions. The participants learn how to maintain financial liquidity, plan their business strategy and acquire many other skills necessary for an entrepreneur.

What distinguishes „Business PLAY” from other training tools?

  • Its comprehensiveness – the simulation continues throughout the whole training (from 8 to 32 hours).
  • Its flexibility – the trainer can adapt the content transmitted by the simulation to the needs of the client/participants.
  • It can be used in a training room or online.
  • The simulation significantly integrates its participants.

Please remember that

„Business PLAY” online is an universal tool which can be used in very different areas. The simulation is largely editable, so it can be adapted also to your needs. We encourage to choose one of the areas mentioned above, but if you have the other ideas or needs, please let us know – we can change the simulation very much to live up your expectations.

Interested? We invite you to participate in one of our online meetings

If you would like to:

  • Know what „Business PLAY” online is;
  • Check how to use it in your organization;
  • Meet the authors of the simulation and ask about everything you want to know about it;
  • Determine the details of the training.

Don’t hesitate and let us know. Taking part in the meeting is free of charge.

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